Graduate School of Energy Science, Kyoto University
Department of Energy Science
Combustion and Power Engineering Lab.

For more than 90 years, the CPEL (Combustion and Power Engineering Laboratory) has been researched "Combustion" for the future internal combustion engine and combustor.
With 4 faculties and approx. 30 students, the CPEL is involved in various experimental and computational studies on high-thermal efficiency and low-emission engine, alternative fuel, and combustion mechanism.
<Main Theme>  
  • Study on new combustion comcept using test engines
  • Study on combustion of alternative fuel using test engines
  • Development and application of diagnostic techniques for combustion
  • Explication of complicated combustion phenomenon using combustion test rig
  • Numerical analysis of combustion in engine
  • Numerical analysis of premixed and diffusion flames

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Prof. SHIOJI, Masahiro
Room #233, Engineering Bld. No2
Yoshida (Main) Campus, Kyoto Univerisity
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